Setting up AWS Development with the use of CLI

Posted by Joel on May 28, 2018

Note that this is for Mac machine -- to begin developing with AWS via CLI (Command Line Interface), install the awscli:

$ sudo pip install awscli

If pip is not yet installed:

$ sudo easy_install pip

During installation some requirements for packages like: nose, tornado.

$ sudo easy_install nose
$ sudo easy_install tornado

Rerun installation, ignoring already installed packages.

$ sudo -H pip install awscli --upgrade --ignore-installed six

Check if we successfully install...

$ aws --version
    aws-cli/1.15.28 Python/2.7.10 Darwin/17.4.0 botocore/1.10.28

Sign in to AWS console, and register an access key via Security Credentials. Since my region is located in Tokyo, I chose ap-northeast-1. And response format as json.

$ aws configure
    AWSAccessKeyId=<Your access key>
    AWSSecretKey=<Your secret key>

Test our configuration, we'll receive an empty json formatted response, as we don't have any ec2 instances running yet.

$ aws ec2 describe-instances
        "Reservations": []